The objects created by the earliest civilisations are no longer the preserve of dry academia but sell just as easily on their sculptural or decorative quality.  Rising prices and an increase in smuggling from war torn countries obliges those handling antiquities to exercise due diligence which means that provenance is vital.  This small ancient Egyptian turquoise glazed shabti had been in the same local family ownership for several generations which handsomely rewarded the seller when it made £5,500.             

Antiquities and Tribal Art from Polynesia, Melanesia, Australia and New Zealand, the Americas, and Africa is offered in dedicated sections of the quarterly Fine Art Sales.  Less valuable items, which are as fully catalogued are offered in the twice monthly Antiques and Collectors Sales.

Antiquities and Tribal Art are included in all Mellors & Kirk Sales, including our curated two-day monthly Antique & Collectors Sales.

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