Natural History

Fossils, Minerals, Sporting Trophies and examples of the art of the Victorian and early 20th century taxidermists appear in all Mellors & Kirk sales.

CITES regulations and the laws of different jurisdictions have made trade in certain items illegal.  This has resulted in a sharp increase in the value of those that can be lawfully sold.  Mellors & Kirk has specialist knowledge of this complex area and is well placed to advise.

This bizarre miniature Victorian stuffed dog only stood about 8cm high but appealed to a collector of the esoteric, who paid £2,500 for it.

Especially sought after is the work of Rowland Ward of Piccadilly Circus, Spicer of Leamington Spa and those taxidermists that specialised in fish.

Fossils, Minerals, Sporting Trophies and Taxidermy are included in all Mellors & Kirk Sales, including our curated two-day monthly Antique & Collectors Sales.

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