Scientific Instruments

The subject of Natural Philosophy and the instruments and apparatus which were created in consequence during the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries can be regarded as works of art.  Telescopes, Microscopes, other optical equipment and Optical Toys such as this Panorama Panoptique which sold for £500, navigational instruments and those of many other fields of human research are included in all Mellors & Kirk’s sales.  From a house clearance, at the bottom of a box of odds and ends came a tiny (8.5cm) English gilt brass astronomical compendium dated 1608, the existence of which was unknown to the late owner’s family who had a pleasant surprise when Mellors & Kirk sold it for £43,000.

Scientific Instruments are included in all Mellors & Kirk Sales, including our curated two-day monthly Antique & Collectors Sales.

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