Thoroughbred and Classic Cars

There is unprecedented interest in fine motor cars of a bygone era.  One interesting feature of the market is that relatively modern vehicles have risen greatly in value, partly because of the increasing scarcity of earlier cars but also because they are more likely to be original with few, if any, replacement parts or body panels.  This bodes well for their future investment potential, provided of course they are well cared for.  With low interest rates and no capital gains tax there are many collectors who, if they have sufficient space, will consider purchasing a vintage Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin or less illustrious marque.

Mellors & Kirk is an excellent choice of location for the sale of your classic vehicle as will become apparent on visiting The Auction House.

Please contact us to arrange the collection of your vehicle from home and transportation to The Auction House, where it will be securely garaged and well cared for pending sale. 

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