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English Literature and History Lot 5


HOOPER, JOHN (BISHOP)AN OUERSIGHTE AND DELIBERACION VPPON THE HOLY PROPHET IONAS: MADE, AND VTTERED BEFORE THE KINGES MAIESTY, AND HIS MOST HONORABLE COUNCELL....ANNO. M.D.L.London, Ihon Tisdale, dwelling in Knight Riderstrete [1560]. First edition, small 8vo, lacking 3 leaves (A1, C3, D1), woodcut title laid down with some loss to upper right hand corner, prelims and first few leaves somewhat brittle in margins, browning through first few gatherings but generally improving thereafter, woodcut letters and tail pieces, margins of 3 leaves repaired without loss, leaf X1 torn/repaired at bottom with loss of 3 words, last leaf is blank as per B.L. copy. Later binding of 19th century carved boards with religious designs, carved by Susan White of Chester in circa 1850, modern leather spine and new endpapers. Very scarce, ESTC S104216. Although the date 1550 appears on the title, the B.L. suggests a date of circa 1560. Following imprisonment and terrible treatment under Queen Mary, Bishop Hooper was condemned for heresy, and was burned at the stake on February 9 1555

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