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DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI (1828-1882) CASSANDRA mounted photograph albumen print

DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI (1828-1882) CASSANDRA mounted photograph albumen print, shaded in pencil by Rosetti inscribed lower right by the artist's brother William Michael Rossetti (1829-1915) To Mary Allport and dated 1898, further signed inscription verso By Dante G. Rossetti - Cassandra. The subject is Cassandra prophesying the death of Hector as he goes off for his fatal encounter with Achilles - Deiphobus is remonstrating with her - Helen is equipping Paris for the Fight and looks up angered at some words of Cassandra reflecting up her - Andromache Astyanax, Priam and Hecuba are present. Hector calling across Cassandra and her prophecy of doom is giving the work of command to the Trojan captain in the background, sword in hand.The pen and ink drawing was executed in 1860-61 and DGR wrote 2 sonnets for it. Its owner is Col Gillum, New Barnet. This photographic print used to belong DGR himself and came to me after his death. The pencil-tinting traceable on some parts of it, must I suppose be his own doing, with a spirit to experimenting as to some difference in the chairoscuro (signed) W.M.R., laid down on the original mount, 20 x 28cmColonel William Gillum owned D G Rossetti's drawing of Cassandra, which he bequeathed to the British Museum in 1910. G Rossetti never developed the drawing into a painting.

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