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Fine Art Sale Lot 800


BIBLE. KING JAMES OR AUTHORISED VERSION, THE GREAT 'SHE' BIBLE, 1613 large folio, first edition (Ruth, Ch.III v15 "She Went into the Citie."), wanting general title and all before the final 6p of the Translators to the Reader, Kalendar, Almanac dated 1603-1641, genealogies by John Speed, wanting map, text of two columns of 59 lines, wood engraved NT title dated 1611, head and tailpieces and initials, pasted paper correction slip Jesus for Judas at Matthew Ch XXVI v36, I Corinthians and II Corinthians instead of I Chronicles and II Chronicles in the name and order of the Bookes, early ownership signature (Benjamin Dauntrey?), last few leaves damaged or deficient ending at Revelation ChXX v12, 18th century reversed calf

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